outbreak of the war. . The meaning of OUTBREAK is a sudden or violent increase in activity or currency. We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us. In this page you can discover 37 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for upholding, like: . Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau am Inn in, Austria on 20 April, 1889. There was an outbreak of flu last month. existing everywhere 1. pandemic fear of nuclear war 1; epidemic over a wide geographical area 1. a pandemic outbreak of malaria 1; an epidemic that is geographically widespread; occurring throughout a region or even throughout the world 1 The effects of war on people's lives include injury and death, destruction of land and property, displacement of citizens, and even post-traumatic stress disorder of the people involved . Between the end of World War I in 1918 and the outbreak of World War . before the war.

A sudden increase: an outbreak of influenza. . Months before the firing on Fort Sumter, southern forces at nearby Pensacola (Florida) worked to find a way of seceding from the .

Outbreak control measures for anthrax have been carried out and will be continued. outbreak definition: 1. a time when something suddenly begins, especially a disease or something else dangerous or. War broke out. When war came to Poland. A sudden outbreak or outburst; an explosion.

Here's how you say it. Learn more. Find 64 ways to say WARS, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. synonyms: burst, eruption, outburst similar words: attack, explosion, flurry, gust, rash, rupture, upheaval: definition 2: a sudden breaking out or increase in activity of disease. In the years leading up to World War One, Italy, Austria-Hungary and Germany teamed up as part of the Triple Alliance. If a particular answer is generating a lot of interest on the site today, it may be highlighted in orange. conflict began.

outbreak meaning: 1. a time when something suddenly begins, especially a disease or something else dangerous or. . In this programme from 1959, people share their personal memories of the outbreak of World War Two. Some of the synonyms for boat, like vessel , are so vague they could apply to any means of transportation or any container, for that matter. Deontological ethics are inclined to be patient-centered; hence, consequences are not used to justify means. ?e - 4-letter terms starting with 'a' and ending with 'e' a* - terms starting with 'a' A sudden and widespread occurrence or manifestation of something outburst burst eruption fit explosion spasm flash paroxysm storm gush surge flare flurry blaze flood spate spurt ebullition upsurge wave rash outpouring boutade flutter epidemic volley flicker fury blowup breakout occurrence plague bursting thunder break recrudescence gushing sally The war became widely known as "Pontiac's Conspiracy" after the 1851 publication of Francis Parkman's The Conspiracy of Pontiac. war was declared. Synonyms for 'Onset of the war'. 5. start a gang war. a sudden or violent increase in activity or currency the outbreak of war. entertain greatly. Disease outbreak synonyms, Disease outbreak pronunciation, Disease outbreak translation, English dictionary definition of Disease outbreak. there is a war. 1. the sudden start of war, disease, violence etc. war started. The first deliberate uses of anthrax as an act of aggression were recorded in the early decades of the 1900s, during World War I. be war. They are also evocative. r/CODZombies. eruption, flare-up, upsurge, outburst, epidemic, breakout, sudden appearance, rash, wave, spate, flood, explosion, burst, blaze, flurry Germany Between World War One to World War Two: Cultural evolution and Politics. for. Synonyms. At the very end of WWII the Soviet Union finally agreed to get into the war against Japan.

Special characters '?' and '*':??? Before the outbreak of World War II in 1939. beginning of war. 18 other terms for war breaks- words and phrases with similar meaning. Collocations and examples. How to use outbreak in a sentence. It was this split that caused the Korean War. Find another word for upholding.

World War II, also called Second World War, conflict that involved virtually every part of the world during the years 1939-45. World War I began in 1914, after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and lasted until 1918. 0 1 break The result of breaking, as a crack, separation, or opening: 0 1 gushing forth A sudden violent appearance 0 1 Advertisement outpouring The sudden flowing of a large amount of something. outbreak: 1 n a sudden violent spontaneous occurrence (usually of some undesirable condition) "the outbreak of hostilities" Synonyms: eruption , irruption Types: epidemic a widespread outbreak of an infectious disease; many people are infected at the same time recrudescence a return of something after a period of abatement pandemic an epidemic . Hold to adjust. beginning of the war.

Angry or violent struggle struggle battle wrangle scrimmage tussle power struggle contest competition contention conflict rivalry war combat strife dogfight duel tug-of-war match confrontation face-off warfare grapple sweepstakes sweep-stake ball game fight clash vying challenge encounter more Noun 2. war breaks out. The Four Main Long-Term Causes of WWI. war was declared. EN English dictionary: outbreak of temper 1. 1914-1918 Anthrax used during the first World War There is evidence that the German army used anthrax to secretly infect livestock and animal feed traded to the Allied Nations by neutral partners. Royal cousins Wilhelm II and King George V went to war. Hold to adjust. 4. 1. the sudden start of war, disease, violence, etc. Especially pre-war architecture: buildings (particularly in and around New York) built between 1900 and about 1940. An early name for the war was the "Kiyasuta and Pontiac War," "Kiaysuta" being an alternate spelling for Guyasuta, an influential Seneca/Mingo leader.

Adjectives frequently used with outbreak. Artifact 1 - Ruka . Synonyms.

outbreak of the war. All Free. it comes to war. Outbreak of war. Contents. war breaks. The synonyms have been arranged depending on the number of charachters so that they're easy to find. Militarism was one of the main causes of World War I, which began in July of 1914, following the assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand.In fact, historians consider it to be one of four main long-term causes of the war, along with: alliance systems, imperialism and nationalism.Militarism was a particularly important cause of World War I due to several key factors. outbreak of war. Free multilingual online dictionary and synonyms database. Synonyms and related words. Commonplace nouns like boat, ship or sea . synonyms. convulse with laughter. Synonyms. 2 a lack of agreement or harmony the siblings always seemed to be at war with one another Synonyms for war conflict, disaccord, discord, discordance, discordancy, disharmony, dissension (also dissention), dissent, dissidence, dissonance, disunion, disunity, division, friction, infighting, inharmony, schism, strife, variance, warfare war collision Woxikon / English dictionary / O / outbreak of temper. possibility of war. for. crimean war. start of the war. Military Leaders WWI as Well as After the War. Advertisement.

before the outbreak.

synonyms for outbreak Compare Synonyms crash disruption epidemic eruption explosion flare-up onset plague storm surge uprising beginning blowup brawl break breaking burst commencement commotion convulsion crack dawn detonation discharge disorder ebullition effervescence fit flash fury gush insurrection irruption mutiny outburst outpouring paroxysm

Synonyms for War Breaks (other words and phrases for War Breaks). A Florida ice cream company was linked to a listeria outbreak that killed at least one person and sickened 22 others in 10 states, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. similar words: Which Was the More Important Cause of WWI. Noun, singular or mass This took the form of larger plants and the discoveries of more coal reservoirs in the earth. Argumentative Essay - The Great Depression Indirectly Led to the Outbreak of the Second World War The Great Depression occurred at the end of the Roaring Twenties, a time of economic boom around the world. convulse with mirth. the outbreak of war. The best nouns, then, are concrete rather than abstract, specific rather than general. Others argue that the dropping of the atomic bomb in August 1945 was the actual start of the Cold War. Alois passed away when Hitler was 13 and Hitler's mother Klara had to take care of him and his siblings all by herself.

As nations gear up to mark 100 years since the start of World . Need synonyms for outbreak of violence? Look for yellow items on the floor after a kill. The sudden return of the virus has rattled residents, who had been easing back into the rhythms of regular life after a period of strict pandemic controls The shape of one-half of the mole does not match the other Emotional causes to skin problems can be something that you want to look into, if your issues are persistent THE killer disease . kill. r/CODZombies is a developer-recognized community focused on the franchise. Translation of "Outbreak" in French. Synonyms for outbreak burst, flare, flare-up, flash, flicker, flurry, flutter, outburst, spurt Near Antonyms for outbreak calm, doldrums, slump 2 open fighting against authority (as one's own government) the government quelled the outbreak with ruthless efficiency Synonyms for outbreak insurgence, insurgency, insurrection, mutiny, rebellion, Voice and photo translation, offline features, synonyms, conjugation, learning games. war breaks out. Synonyms for CONSCRIPTION: appointment, assignment, draft, enlistment, enrollment, induction, recruitment, registration; Antonyms for CONSCRIPTION: boot, discharge . During the preceding 99 days - April 7 . -. the outbreak of war. n (of war, hostility, disease) Ausbruch m; a recent outbreak of fire caused ein Brand verursachte krzlich ; if there should be an outbreak of fire wenn ein Brand or Feuer ausbricht; at the outbreak of war bei Kriegsausbruch Log in. It brings death and destruction, merciless slaughter and butchery, disease and starvation, poverty and ruin in its wake. many are not synonyms or translations): anterior - outbreak. During the conflict, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire (the Central . outbreak of foot-and-mouth 97. the event of an outbreak 93. outbreak of avian 50. outbreak of violence 45. the outbreak of world war.

Economic Impacts of a Potential Outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease in Canada. The conflict is named after its most well-known participant, the Odawa leader named Pontiac. start of the war. war began. Outbreak definition, a sudden breaking out or occurrence, especially of something bad or unpleasant; eruption: the outbreak of war. 12 February 2014.

Recorded in 1974, newspaper reporter William Forrest remembers Poland . Adi, as he was called as a child spent his early years in Austria. devastating. One has only to think of the havoc that was wrought in various countries not many years ago, in order to . 0 1 breaking bonds A sudden violent appearance 0 1 tumult Noun The act of suddenly disturbing any one affray brawl encounter fight fracas scuffle skirmish disturbance free-for-all battle clash contest melee quarrel scrap altercation commotion confrontation engagement feud riot set-to shindig commencement of the war. at the beginning of the war. starts a war. List search. - shows 3-letter terms; a? Everyone fears an outbreak of war. World war i definition, the war fought mainly in Europe and the Middle East, between the Central Powers and the Allies, beginning on July 28, 1914, and ending on November 11, 1918, with the collapse of the Central Powers. Forum discussions with the word(s) "outbreak of war" in the title: At <an><the> outbreak of war The outbreak of war followed. 3 letter words SUB 5 letter words ORLOP 6 letter words BIREME - U-BOATS - VESSEL 7 letter words The conflict is named after its most well-known participant, the Odawa leader named Pontiac.

pandemic: 1 adj existing everywhere " pandemic fear of nuclear war" Synonyms: general applying to all or most members of a category or group adj epidemic over a wide geographical area "a pandemic outbreak of malaria" Synonyms: epidemic (especially of medicine) of disease or anything resembling a disease; attacking or affecting many individuals . beginning of the war. The "Second American Civil War" is an umbrella term used by some academics in order to reclassify historical eras of significant political violence in the history of the United States as a "civil war," or more commonly, to discuss the potential outbreak of a future civil war in the country.Discussion of a second civil war has occurred with varying degrees of frequency and sincerity since the . . See more. outbreak of war - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. Abbreviation: WWI See more. Naming the war. the outbreak of the second. antonyms. On the outbreak of the South African War in 1899 Grant was at first disposed to be hostile to the policy of Lord Salisbury and Mr Chamberlain; . Lists.

Before the most recent or significant war in a culture's history. outset of the conflict. Synonyms for War breaks.

knock dead. Verb, base form The outbreak of the U.S. Civil War led to coal replacing charcoal as the fuel source for steel furnaces. List search. . crease up. beginning of the war. Because Italy opted not to, the country's experience of World War One was poor, as reflected by the Versailles Settlement . Synonyms for outbreak beginning blowup brawl break breaking burst bursting commencement commotion convulsion crack crash dawn detonation discharge disorder disruption ebullition effervescence epidemic eruption explosion fit flare-up flash fury gush gushing insurrection irruption mutiny onset outburst outpouring paroxysm plague rebellion rending Learn more. WWII helped to create the Korean War by creating the split between North Korea and South Korea. say there is or will be an outbreak: detect, fear . Synonyms for outbreak. definitions. There is no doubt that war is an evil one. World War One: 10 interpretations of who started WW1. Deontological ethics and utilitarian ethics are both ethical theories and dominate decision making in medical care and health care [ 4 ]. outbreak, outburst, spate, gush, torrent, eruption, spurt, outpouring in the sense of commencement Definition the beginning All applicants should be at least 16 years of age at the commencement of this course. A sudden eruption; an outburst: "an outbreak of strikes, violent agitation, and arrests" . From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English war /w $ wr/ S2 W1 noun 1 [ countable, uncountable] when there is fighting between two or more countries or between opposing groups within a country, involving large numbers of soldiers and weapons OPP peace the Vietnam War He served as a pilot during the war. The war became widely known as "Pontiac's Conspiracy" after the 1851 publication of Francis Parkman's The Conspiracy of Pontiac. started a war. July 06, 2022. Des mesures pour enrayer l'pidmie d'anthrax ont t . the outbreak of war. One of the largest brick forts built in the United States, Fort Pickens (along with nearby Fort McRee, Fort Barrancas, and Advanced Redoubt) provided the setting for a serious effort by a small group of men to avert or at least postpone the outbreak of the Civil War. It is the greatest catastrophe that can befall human beings. To illustrate this, let's return to boats. burst, flare, flare-up, flash, flicker, flurry, flutter, outburst, Here's a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. We've arranged the synonyms in length order so that they are easier to find. 3.

civil war breaks out. early in the war. Visit the English Only Forum. Call of Duty Zombies is a first-person shooter survival mode developed by Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games, and Raven Software and published by Activision. War broke out. be at war. A long time ago, during the middle months of 1994, a generator ran out of fuel in a rural province of Rwanda, a little country in East Africa. outbreak of war. UN officials have raised concerns that the coronavirus could infect . Sentences with coal . Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/xenogaming-Y1ujdE The Houthi authorities in Yemen's north were accused of hiding the real impact of COVID-19 in areas under their control. outbreak of war. for. What Italy should have done, many believed, is join these two nations upon the outbreak of war in 1914. Collocations and examples. If your word has any anagrams, they'll be listed too along with a definition for the word if we have one. amuse greatly. However, utilitarian ethics, which are inclined to be more society-centered, value care for the . From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English outbreak outbreak / atbrek / noun [countable] START TO HAPPEN, EXIST ETC if there is an outbreak of fighting or disease in an area, it suddenly starts to happen a cholera outbreak outbreak of outbreaks of fighting the outbreak of World War II break out 1 Examples from the Corpus . The Cold War was an undeclared and nonviolent War between the USA and the USSR. Log in. ; . Alois, his father, was a retired customs serviceman. make someone crack up. Naming the war. In June of 1950 North Korea invaded the South in an attempt to reunify the peninsula. Evils of Wars. Special characters '?' and '*':??? act of war. GENEVA: The World Health Organization said on Tuesday that 5,322 laboratory-confirmed cases of monkeypox had been reported to it in the current . make someone laugh. The war was in many respects a continuation, after an uneasy 20-year hiatus, of . Synonyms for Outset Of The War (other words and phrases for Outset Of The War). Another way to say Outset Of The War? cause an outbreak: cause, precede, precipitate, trigger Many believe that it was military and strategic factors that precipitated the outbreak of war in 1914. deal with or stop an outbreak: combat, control, eradicate, halt, investigate, prevent, tackle There is a detailed contingency plan to eradicate any outbreak of avian flu in poultry. Synonyms. 2. outbreak of: An outbreak of food poisoning led to the deaths of five people. War Breaks Out synonyms - 19 Words and Phrases for War Breaks Out. Impacts conomiques d'une pidmie potentielle de la fivre aphteuse au Canada.

Before a war. The principal belligerents were the Axis powersGermany, Italy, and Japanand the AlliesFrance, Great Britain, the United States, the Soviet Union, and, to a lesser extent, China. Leading up to World War II ; Outbreak of World War II (1939) World War II in the West (1940-41) Hitler vs. Stalin: Operation Barbarossa (1941-42) The Outbreak intel is as follows: 3 Documents: Randomly dropped from elite or special enemies. An early name for the war was the "Kiyasuta and Pontiac War," "Kiaysuta" being an alternate spelling for Guyasuta, an influential Seneca/Mingo leader. Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for WARSHIP We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word warship will help you to finish your crossword today. They argue that it started in July 1945, at the Potsdam Conference. . war against/with/between the . Alamy.

Synonyms beginning, start, opening, launch, birth, origin, dawn(literary), outset, onset, initiation, inauguration,

n. 1.

hostilities began. start of the war.

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The United States' Entry Into WWI.