Here's the steps on how to set it to default. Your iGPU interfaces with the display and handles basic tasks like your desktop and youtube decoding, but running a 3D program, your computer just uses your dedicated GPU for all the heavy lifting, still passing through the iGPU, you dont want to disable the iGPU, the fact that it exists is a good thing. NVIDIA Control panel allows your computer to automatically switch between the integrated graphics processing unit (GPU) and the NVIDIA GPU.

Now select "preferred graphics processor" in the drop down list.

Follow these steps: Press Windows key to get the Start menu. Open the PC Settings app by pressing the keyboard shortcut Win + I.

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I suspected that it was using the onboard Intel HD 4600 graphics instead, and a quick look with GPU-Z confirmed it.

On the Graphics page, there is a list of installed apps (which is not necessarily exhaustive), along with the graphics card they use by default.

Step 2. Choose the option you want and click on Save. The graphics card isn't doing anything when the computer runs on the integrated GPU. You should see an icon with the word "settings" on it. Right-click on your desktop and select Graphics Properties or Intel Graphics Settings. Instead, the GPU uses system memory that is shared with the CPU. Select the Hardware and Device options from the list. Set power plan from Balanced or Power Saver to high or max performance. Select it and hit open.

Regardless of the manufacturer of the GPU, or its model, every application can be customized to use a dedicated GPU when run by default. When I try to open a game through the Radeon software or the desktop, task manager tells me that I am using my integrated graphics card instead of my discrete card.

Step Two: Click on " System" then " Graphics settings".

Whenever we play games and run programs requiring heavy processing power, the function of the GPU comes into play. My Lenovo laptop has been working for about 3 years now with a few minor errors along the way.

Select the game file and then click Open. Discussion [ACER NITRO AN515-42] How do I force my laptop to use the dedicated GPU over the integrated graphics Author Date within 1 day 3 days 1 week 2 weeks 1 month 2 months 6 months 1 year of Examples: Monday, today, last week, Mar 26, 3/26/04 You might need to restart Resolve to see the changes reflected.

If I disable integrated GPU, Premiere Pro CC 2018 will use CPU instead of GTX 1080. Once that was done all steam and oculus rift titles all ran on the Nvidia GPU by default with good performance.

Cant choose Nvidia GPU in Nvidia Contol Panel.

Pros: The Integrated Graphics Card is more economical than the Dedicated Graphics Card.

GPU 1 has the Vega 8 graphics and shows as the default for all of the games, GPU 2 is an RX 560X. 8.

If your laptop uses both, its actually designed that way for battery life and thermals.

In right panel select "Program Settings" tab. Plug the other end of the HDMI cables into the respective monitors.

Choose the OpenGL panel and click the Graphics Card Details button.

It uses the Nvidia Optimus system to dynamically switch between the two based on which is most suitable.

Select Microsoft Edge using the second drop-down menu. Now plugin your secondary monitor to the HDMI port on the motherboard.

Click on the "Program Settings" tab and select the program you. Bring a blower and start blowing the dust out of it.

Step 3. Also, disable IGPU while there. If one or more of these posts helped answer your question, please click Accept . There will be an application list, click Browse. A GPU can be either integrated or discrete.

Then click on Add, after which the app will be listed below with the Options to select a preferred GPU for it,. See below for more information. not the mobo output, you need to go into BIOS and make sure peg (or pcie) graphics is enabled.

Running 3D program always use Discrete Graphics. Thus, a GPU performs a lot of rigorous work for your PC.

Click on Switchable Graphics.

Select the three vertical dots on the right, and then click Add A Game. My CPU is an i5-3570k, my motherboard is an ASRock Z77 Extreme4. Choose the app or game for which you want to change the graphics card. 1. Advertisements. Select "Manage 3D Settings" under 3D Settings.

For example, if you have old hardware that struggles to play the games you want to play, you may want to select "Use my preference emphasizing" and move the slider all the way to "Performance." This trades graphics quality for an increased frame rate. Next, navigate to the 'Peripherals' menu:

Now Brave will use the .

How to Switch GPU Here is how you can override that setting: Right-click on the desktop and select Nvidia Control Panel. Step 2.

We sat through it for a whole day trying to figure out what the problem was, here's a short, possibly non comprehensive list of things we've tried to no avail: Update Windows + All drivers. Click on that and make sure you open the Java tab in settings as well.

now im trying to give it another try but i need real detailed help and guidance.

Open your Nvidia Control Panel > Go to Configure Surround, PhysX and set it to your graphics card.

Since it is a Laptop, it has to be power efficient.

The first step is to make sure that you open the settings menu.

The menu will look something like this: Next, navigate to the 'Chipset' menu: In the 'Internal Graphics' option, select Enabled. I have a desktop PC with an integrated intel hd graphics card and nvidia X titan pascal graphics card.

In the Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel window, select Advanced Mode and click on OK.

Under Graphics, click on Graphics Profile and then select Gaming. You need to do this everytime you update your drivers and i recomend to always do a clean install of your Nvidia drivers when updating. User Comments. Starcraft 2,l from Blizzard, and it was not using the dedic. Extend the cleaning process to other hardware of the system as well.

It should read GPU 1 to indicate it is using the GPU and not the on-board graphics card. Hi Youtube, we've noticed something weird on ASUS gaming laptop recently.

Step 1) On your Desktop, right-click on an empty area and select the NVIDIA Control Panel option.

Open the "Nvidia Control Panel". If it is on the list, move on to step 3.

Open Minecraft, select a world, and allow it to load.

Your iGPU interfaces with the display and handles basic tasks like your desktop and youtube decoding, but running a 3D program, your computer just uses your dedicated GPU for all the heavy lifting, still passing through the iGPU, you dont want to disable the iGPU, the fact that it exists is a good thing.

A pop-up can appears and warns you about it.

Rollback to gpu driver before the problem started.

Jan 30, 2017. #1.

7. Chat with a Ubisoft agent or send us a message.

You can easily run a GPU stress test too. This is usually seen on laptop systems.

Step One: Use the Windows key + I to open up Settings.

Integrated GPUs are best for typical PC processes like web browsing, social media, and resource-light work such as spreadsheets, editing documents, and project management software.

Step 3) To force run the app or game with your Nvidia GPU, you just have to locate the application and right-click on it. Go to Nvidia Panel, and select your opensetup.exe or setup.exe and your Ragnarok exe and forced to use Nvidia Graphics Card instead of Integrated one.

I tried alot of the stuff i already found on google to no avail. Right click on the desktop and choose NIVIDIA Control Panel. If you laptop is not plugged in, it will enforce the UHD 630 to run all the time for you laptop to be po. On a system with dual graphics cards where one is an integrated on-board unit (commonly Intel HD Graphics) and the other is a discrete NVIDIA or AMD graphics card, AutoCAD utilizes the low-end video instead of the high-end display adapter.

This ordinarily isn't required, but occasionally there's a mobo that. Right click on the desktop and select NVIDIA control panel. Navigate to the 3D section from the left pane and set the 3D Preference to Performance.

2. Surely it was just prioritizing the discrete card since people rarely use both.

If the game or app you want to change is not on the list, go to step 2.

Instead, the GPU uses system memory that is shared with the CPU. The "Graphics Specifications" dialog looks like .

Game Uses Wrong GPU (Integrated Intel instead of dedicated GPU) I started playing Superhot and saw that the framerate was awful (sub 20 FPS), and quickly saw why - my GPU (Radeon HD 7950) was completely idle. This was the only reason why i stopped using linux (ubuntu).

The Windows menu should show the option ' Run with graphics processor'.

Use the "Choose an app to set preference" drop-down menu and select the Universal app option.

Browse to a folder, type in a filename then click Save.

Dedicated GPU: GeForce 840M.

Minimize the game. I have tried booting into BIOS and looking at the Dedicated Drive slot, and it says "ATI GFX." It's not giving me the name of the card, but it's also not saying . Choose the app or game for which you want to change the graphics card. Go to your game folder (make sure that you closed your RO game window) and run: dgVoodooCpl.exe and do like on the screenshot below: 4.

Click on the Running Applications option and select Installed Profile Applications to view all applications detected by the graphics driver.

On the right page, scroll down and click on the " Graphics Settings " link.

Select the preferred graphics processor for this program:" open the drop-down menu and select "High-performance NVIDIA processor". There seem to be a lot of reports of only the VGA port working AFTER the graphics driver is loaded.

Set High-Performance GPU via Settings. You may now close the control panel. 3.

The Graphics Processing Unit of the GPU of a computer strives to render the images and videos to deliver a smooth visual experience.

Cilck on System.

You can also search for Settings in the start menu too.

It uses a lot less power than the dedicated graphics increasing battery life.

Select ' High-performance NVIDIA processor' if there are two active graphics systems running on the PC.

Click on Troubleshooting tab.

Again, nothing to do with the card. See below for more information. By default, the "Use the advanced 3D image settings" option is selected.

Integrated Graphics is power efficient, Discrete Graphics is not.

Choosing "Mercury Playback Engine Software Only" would still use internal GPU.

Step Four: Once added click on " options" then select . Select Manage 3D Settings under 3D Settings.

The second told me to check with the manufacturer for 1. whether my computer could switch graphics (which it can) and 2. check the manufacturer on how to switch the switchable graphics (which HP only shows how to switch using AMDcatalyst)

Click on "System" tab -> click on " Decode Options ". Even after I disabled the integrated graphics.

Step 2.


Follow these steps and run the troubleshooter. In BlueStacks 5 settings, navigate to the "Graphics" tab, as shown below. The Minecraft not using GPU issue usually happens on a dual graphics card laptop. Type in "Graphics Settings".

**My PC (laptop) Intel i5 4200/intel hd integrated video graphics ; 8gb ram ; 500gb hdd** nvidia geforce 720m

Step Three: Browse the App/Game (.exe) file that you want to run using a dedicated or integrated graphic card.

Step 1. A dedicated graphics card with, for example, 4GB of VRAM, uses all of that memory and capacity for its needs. How to set a default graphics card Open the Nvidia Control Panel.

Disconnect the GPU from the power supply and loosen its screws as well. DXDIAG: Go to Start > Run or Windows Key + R. On the Run prompt, type "dxdiag" then click OK. On the DirectX Diagnostic Tool window, click on Save All Information. An integrated graphics card shares power between the GPU and CPU, because the graphics card is built directly into the computer's processor. Then, under "2.

This will add the game and take you to its settings page. Fix 4. 10 Go down to section 2. and select nVidia processor.

Open the "Nvidia Control Panel". On my system, HDMI and DVI don't even work in BIOS, and nothing changes after the system is loaded.

too afraid to try that until i make sure it won't mess everything up and i don't trust youtube gurus to that extent .

Select the folder for the game you want to use your NVIDIA card for, and find the .exe for that game (it's usually right in the main game folder).

Choose the High Performance setting and then the Save button.

Premiere Pro CC 2018 always use integrated GPU (Intel UHD Graphics 630). 3. Choose Manage 3D settings. This is NOT one of them.

9. then hit the "Add" button and find the program that you want to run on nVidia card. Firstly, boot the PC and repeatedly press the 'delete' key on first power on until you reach the main BIOS menu.

Using this one can do low-end graphics processing like watching movies, editing videos, playing 2D games. On the Graphics page, there is a list of installed apps (which is not necessarily exhaustive), along with the graphics card they use by default.

Right-click on Lumion (or Lumion.exe ). I have tried many ways and techniques from forums here and the result was never great.

Disabling Intel Integrated Graphics and still using NVidia Control Panel. We now need to enable the Add Run with Graphics Processor to Context Menu somewhere in the GPU control panel.

Step 2) Now go to the Desktop menu and select the Add"Run with graphics processor" to Context Menu option.

The GPU is being detected but not used.

But yesterday i came home from school (laptop worked perfectly at school) and was about to play a game . Start SketchUp 2019, and open the Preferences dialog from the Window menu.

Perform a System Restore to Undo These Changes. Such continuous operations do come with a .

The computer we're using in this example has a Geforce 1660 Ti dedicated GPU and an Intel UHD 630 integrated GPU. Anyways, my computer is using the Intel HD 4000 chip instead of the Nvidia one. AMD graphics cards 3.1: Right-click empty space on the Desktop .

Fix 3. Let me know if this helps or if you need more information! Moreover, some CPUs have powerful integrated graphics that can run AAA titles at lower resolutions. In the "Graphics" tab, locate the section "GPU in use". GPU 1 and GPU 2.

Exclamation Asus Laptop is using Intel HD graphics card rather Nvidia card.

Click AMD Radeon Settings from the menu.

Battery should be nearly 100% charged and charger plugged in before starting heavy gaming loads.

Run "Settings".

Hook in your primary monitor to the HDMI port on the back of the video card.

Then, once the tool opens (if it asks for anything, select any option, it won't matter much), go to the 'Display' tab.

3. Fix 2. If the game or app you want to change is not on the list, go to step 2. Go ahead and play around with their respective display settings.

If the application is not listed, use the Browse option to locate and add the application to the list.

Right-click the Taskbar and select Task Manager from the context menu. I checked to see what video card Sketchup is using and it says the Intel 530 graphics card.


The monitor and video cables work with other systems.

Uninstall graphics driver with DDU then reinstall latest. To do so, make sure to go into your start menu.

Once you are done enabling the option, you would see the option "run with graphics processor" when you right click on the game or app's shortcut.

Game capture requires OBS be running on the same GPU as the captured app.

Reinstalling my NVIDIA drivers, disabling the integrated graphics (albeit only in the windows settings, not in my BIOS. Repeat steps 1 thru 3 above. When you start Windows, your monitors should be detected.

Running two instances of OBS, or splitting tasks between GPUs either doesn't work at all on laptops, and even on desktops just creates bottlenecks on the PCI bus as OBS tries to send data between two GPUs. Check "Decode H.264/H.265 using hardware acceleration".

Laptop: Lenovo Z50-70.

Integrated graphics Integrated graphics is a GPU built into the processor.

Click the Add .

Then to update NVIDIA you have to download the driver, unpack it, cancel the installer and install the driver through device manager by right clicking on the nvidia gpu under display and selecting update driver software and browsing to the unpacked location.

Force the program to use a specific graphics card using Windows 10 settings.

Display capture requires running OBS on the integrated GPU.

Step 1: Open Settings. We were playing a game.

There, you will find the details of you graphics card. 2.

With an NVIDIA GPU, the switch to the NVIDIA GPU depends on application profiles. I suspected this mostly due to a bit of a history "building .


Let's follow the steps below carefully. Open up the GPU Control Panel by right-clicking on a blank space on the desktop.

If an application does not have such profile, you can assign the graphics card manually: Here's the steps on how to set it to default. Since performances on integrated chipset are very low, we recommend to use a dedicated GPU instead.

In contrast, an integrated GPU with a system memory of 4GB will need to share that memory and will only be allowed to use a small percentage of the available RAM.

How to switch from integrated gpu to dedicated gpu (graphics card) in Windows 10, after the recent Windows 10 update there is a additional step in switching .

Click on the Program Settings tab and select the program you want to choose a graphics card for from the drop down list. Select "Power Saving" (for the integrated GPU), click Save.

Type Troubleshooting in the search box and press Enter key. Click on the "Program Settings" tab and select the program you want to choose a graphics card for from the drop down list. Switch Dedicated & Integrated Graphics In Windows 10.

Here is how to enable it using a Gigabyte motherboard.

Try to force use of dedicated gpu through .

I didn't reboot after the installation and while I was able to use the GPU on the nvidia card while using the integrated graphics card for display. Use the AMD GPU for Minecraft.

You can either choose the integrated graphics or the NVIDIA GPU .

It might have been when I updated from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 but I'm not sure.

Integrated graphics hardware doesn't use a separate memory bank for graphics/video. You can manually adjust these settings to change which GPU is used.

Click Options button.

In the case of Nvidia, this can be found under the Desktop menu at the top.

Select it and check the GPU Engine column.

On the Processes tab, look for Minecraft. Learn more . Click on " Save ". 3.

It was working great until a couple weeks ago.

OBS doesn't work with dual cards/chips which is not .